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  1. Hi Jeff, I think this is the behavior of the spell checking. Looks like an autocorrect feature. In Evernote there are menu points under Edit > Grammar and Spelling (i use german layout - so that is my translation of the menu points). You can check or uncheck the spelling feature. I think when you uncheck the spelling feature your problem should be gone. I hope that works for you.
  2. Hello jeffkranenburg, I use the code block feature with Evernote for Mac (6.8). In the settings under software updates I can activate the checkbox to activate code block. Did you meant the code block feature ?
  3. Hello, I was also confused why I could search within "normal" pdf's as a free basic user. Today I have found some interesting comments in the old blog entry from 2009: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2009/07/27/pdf-search/ Perhaps the commented behavior is still the same.
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