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  1. Hi Ii'm Martin from Argentina. Since I have not found a proper feedback forum in spanish, i will write here. Yesterday i've updated the windows version of the service, an as every time I update it, i get the same annoying problem. With each update, the direct access of the app reset its location to the desktop. I dont use it on desktop, but i like to use it as a tile on the windows start menu. Since the direct access resets itself to the desktop, i have to MANUALLY DELETE the desktop one, and retile it to the star menu. THAT MUST NOT HAPPEN. Otherwise the app its all i need to keep tracking of my notes, works, plans, and etc. But annoyiances like this prevent me to buy the service. Also, you seriusly have to review the spanish translate on the web site, and on the windows app. There are some weird words and sentences without mean. Keep working, its a good product!
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