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  1. Thanks @gazumped It is a not bad idea;) But it's less maintainability for me as I have to maintain each one when anything happening(change the table contents or add a new one). Do this manually is not my way
  2. Something like the attached captures. Thanks.
  3. Hi, everyone I am mainly using the web edition daily, and have 2 something related questions at this topic. 1. I have shared a notebook for public view from PC Chrome browser. But when I access this notebook from my iPhone Safari, it is displaying as the same view just like it shows me at my PC browser which is not mobile friendly. Any settings could I do something adjustment to compatible with mobile browser, please? BTW, when sharing a individual note, this individual one is showing as mobile friendly at my iPhone Safari. 2. How could I see all of my shared notes and notebooks? I can not find the menu from the web edition, am I missing it? Thank you.
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