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  1. i tought downloading wouldnt work either but it works. its a workaroun that made my life easier but still... if it is intended to only be downloadable, why put the share button (which works perfectly on my ipad).
  2. This has been a very long bug for me. I have to share my notes link to myself than open it via a mobile browser and download it. Its really a cumbersome experience. When i share a pdf to say whatsapp, it shares a text: file:///data/user/0/com.evernote/cache/evernoteCache/32561536/noteStore/4bdc03d9-6356-4db5-afff-f19348543273/30987f1a81d053b352cb2799a766642d I've seen topics for older versions and saw answers that its fixed at 10.9 but its still a problem. This task is so basic that we shouldn't even call it a feature but here i am unable to do it.
  3. similar problem here. i took some notes with pictures and texts (with my ipad) and i can see texts from my other devices (android phone and pc) but pictures are missing. ipad is stuck with green arrows.
  4. not huge but not small either. touch screen windows devices are around for 4 years. touch optimizations were important like 2 years ago. its a must now.
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