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  1. I use Scannable to scan receipts for my business, and I often let a dozen or so pile up before I scan. I'd love to be able to toggle a setting that allows me to snap scans of multiple documents one after another, but when I save the files, Scannable splits them up into individual single page PDFs with file names that increase sequentially. For example, if I scan 12 receipts all at once, instead of creating a single 12 page PDF, I'd like the option for Scannable to create 12 individual PDFs with a name I choose (like receipt) with incremental suffixes so it would create: receipt_001, receipt_002, receipt_003... through receipt_012 Right now, after every scan, I have to tap the check box, then the SAVE button, and then Save in the upper right corner in between each receipt. Super slow, especially when my receipts get out of control! Thanks!
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