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  1. It doesn't need one because it actually works! And seeing how Evernote never bothered about replying to any of these posts... I wonder why you still bother! I used to love Evernote so before you think you can just bohoo me, think about the reason why I posted this!
  2. Ha, I solved the problem completely.... I just use google docs! When a company ignores its clients for over 2 years now... its kinda pointless...
  3. Hi, I am having this issue again. I cannot say 100% how to replicate but I can tell you what I am doing. 1. I have 2 tabs open, one of them EverNote and the other is a course I am doing on MongiUni.com so these tabs are not related and certainly not both ever note. 2. I am switching back and forth on Google Chrome taking notes and watch videos and again taking more notes 3. I am in a public cafe with semi-good internet. While it does NOT disconnect, it slows down drastically sometimes and perhaps this is all a network related issue causing ever note to duplicate notes... very frustrating please help
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