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  1. I have multiple notebooks shared with numerous employees who need to be able to update and edit content within these notes. Numerous times I've had employees accidentally delete a note without realizing they have done this. I know it moves the note to the trash, but I do not have the time to go through the trash file everyday and sort through the notes that were rightfully deleted and ones that were accidentally and unknowingly deleted. In order to rectify this Evernote desperately needs to make a feature where you can do one of the following to prevent this accidental deletion of notes with shared users: 1) Have an option so the shared users can edit and view but not delete 2) Make it so only the admin can delete notes OR allow the admin to lock specific notes so only those locked cannot be deleted (but again, the notes will still be editable) 3) Simply prompt whoever accidently (or purposely) hit delete with the "are you sure you want to delete this note" pop up. (Evernote does do this, but ONLY when you are deleting something from the trash - aka permanently deleting it)
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