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  1. Please do so! I forgot to mention using Apple Pencil in my ticket with the Apple Pro. Extremely disappointing. The note taking feature even works better in the notes themselves. Just transfer that to the annotation section and you would have an improvement. #1778903
  2. Hi, I want to create reminders separate from notes. Sometimes I want to create a quick list for what I want to do that day and set reminders to each item, but I can't currently do that. I know I can create a list, but I can't set a reminder to each individual item. Second piece. I want to be able to glance at my entire reminder list for the day. That is not possible thouch if I have reminders in my tech tickets notebook and reminders in my meeting notebook or in other multiple notebooks. Suggestions for either?
  3. Hi, I looked and didn't see this in any of the threads. I would really like to see the option of a tag being applied to a note when it is put into a specific notebook. For instance, when I finish something and send it to the "To be reviewed notebook", I would like for it to automatically receive the "Dave" tag because he reviews all the work. Or anytime someone adds a note to the grocery store notebook, it is automatically tagged with Kroger or something like that. This would save time and people might be more interested in using tags that find it a hassle to juggle both notebooks and tags. Justin
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