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  1. This is a good (but not complete) starting point: noteapps.info
  2. Zendone unfortunately stopped its development about 2-3 years ago. Shame, because it was a great app imo.
  3. Check out https://www.noteapps.info/ where you can filter on the features you'd like and find an appropriate app among the ones indexed. For me Evernote legacy is currently the best alternative, with Nimbus Note a close second. I've cancelled my EN premium and will decide what to do when my subscription runs out in the summer.
  4. This is a great idea and exactly what I am missing. A few months ago I signed up for the EN beta. Trying it I found it to be a complete disaster to use given my workflow (no global hotkeys, no settings, no import folder, no default font, etc., etc., etc.) and gave my feedback while uninstalling the beta. Then came the release of the new clients and it gets even worse: The beta missing features are still missing and it is communicated as an upgrade! Same for Android (e.g. removal of widgets). Luckily I can use legacy. Given that EN is saying that this is the future I cancelled my
  5. For EN-replacement with local storage: Joplin For EN-replacement with more functionality: Nimbus For working with flexible documents & databases: Notion There are plenty more, for example Obsidian. However, none of the options can match all of EN legacy functionality. Check out noteapps.info for comparisons of some alternatives.
  6. Very good that we finally see some communication from Evernote about this. However he seems to talk more about bugs and performance issues rather than the very big decision by EN to deliberately remove functionality. I still miss some kind of roadmap or strategic message on where the product is going medium- to long-term. Towards simplicity (and removed functionality stays off) or towards restoring previous functionality?
  7. Except that the referral link you posted will give some kind of reward I assume.?
  8. Check out noteapps.info/. There are still plenty of alternatives missing but the comparison is good.
  9. I've been reviewing alternatives for my use case. EN 10 does not work at all for me and the lack of communication from EN about what direction the app is taking is making me frustrated. Nimbus, Joplin and Amplenote come closest to match my needs but none can match all. I'm sticking with legacy version for now as premium is already paid for several months, but will keep an active eye on the alternatives.
  10. Nimbus Note seems like a very good alternative to EN, having given it a quick try my first impressions are these: Plus with Nimbus Very feature rich Active development Smart functions Communication with their support very good Negative with Nimbus Web clipper (tried both Firefox and Chrome) not at all as good as EN clipper Windows app not native and seem to be missing some functions compared to web No import folder Fewer apps integrate with Nimbus Important with Nimbus One thing to pay attention to with Nimbus though is that it
  11. This reminds of IQTell. They had a great product and then started developing a new version. The new version had some minor enhancements but broke workflow and lacked many of the key features power users where using in the old version. The product management team did not answer questions and/or removed posts asking about lack of features. In the end they went out of business.
  12. Bug report: Whenever I click a link to Evernote in another program (e.g. clicking a "evernote:///view/17745136/s..."-link in Outlook) then the correct note is openeed in the desktop application. The problem however is that not only the note is opened, but also the EN main window. The note in question is opened behind the EN main window. This means that whenever I click a link of this type, I have to first close the EN main window to see the note I opened. Please let me know if you'd like a screen recording of this behaviour. I'm using EN and don't recall this behaviou
  13. This really bugs me as well. When using the hotkey to create a new note from anywhere I always have to check that the right default notebook is selected for it. Net notes should always have the default notebook in use unless I create a note by right-clicking inside a notebook.
  14. I would like to use EN for audio recording more than I do right now but am hindered by that audio recording always stops as soon as I open another note in Evernote. Is there a way for the EN audio-recording to continue no matter what I do in EN until I click Stop & Save?
  15. I've got a template note containing bullet points and checkboxes that I often need to create a copy of. Currently I do this by manually copying the note using Evernote's functionality. To automate this I'd instead like to either email the template to my EN or to use IFTTT/Zapier to create it. However I haven't found any way to include checkboxes in the note. Using email the checkboxes are ignored Using Zapier (find note + copy bodyhtml to new note) I get an error message that the content isn't allowed Using IFTTT you can append checkboxes to an existing note which isn't what
  16. I frequently use to global hotkey to create a new note no matter what application I'm currently using. Currently, the new note is then always created in the currently active notebook instead of the notebook I've defined as default for new notes. Would you please make the gobal hotkey for new notes adhere to the default notebook selected, instead of currently active notebook?
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