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  1. Bug report: Whenever I click a link to Evernote in another program (e.g. clicking a "evernote:///view/17745136/s..."-link in Outlook) then the correct note is openeed in the desktop application. The problem however is that not only the note is opened, but also the EN main window. The note in question is opened behind the EN main window. This means that whenever I click a link of this type, I have to first close the EN main window to see the note I opened. Please let me know if you'd like a screen recording of this behaviour. I'm using EN and don't recall this behaviour happening in previous versions.
  2. This really bugs me as well. When using the hotkey to create a new note from anywhere I always have to check that the right default notebook is selected for it. Net notes should always have the default notebook in use unless I create a note by right-clicking inside a notebook.
  3. I would like to use EN for audio recording more than I do right now but am hindered by that audio recording always stops as soon as I open another note in Evernote. Is there a way for the EN audio-recording to continue no matter what I do in EN until I click Stop & Save?
  4. I've got a template note containing bullet points and checkboxes that I often need to create a copy of. Currently I do this by manually copying the note using Evernote's functionality. To automate this I'd instead like to either email the template to my EN or to use IFTTT/Zapier to create it. However I haven't found any way to include checkboxes in the note. Using email the checkboxes are ignored Using Zapier (find note + copy bodyhtml to new note) I get an error message that the content isn't allowed Using IFTTT you can append checkboxes to an existing note which isn't what I'm looking for since the checkboxes need to be placed at special places in the note Is there any way to accomplish this?
  5. I frequently use to global hotkey to create a new note no matter what application I'm currently using. Currently, the new note is then always created in the currently active notebook instead of the notebook I've defined as default for new notes. Would you please make the gobal hotkey for new notes adhere to the default notebook selected, instead of currently active notebook?
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