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  1. Bring the SYNC button back. Stop trying so damn hard to remove things that work!
  2. Scott, now THAT actually looks like it will be a solution finally. I use most recent MacOS and Chrome with a clipper. I also use the MacOS Evernote Desktop client for 99.5% of my Evernote work. Will this reach us also? KEY: Will there be a default setting such as the viewing across full window option be a default select?
  3. Same problem here. Pretty ticked off. Evernote gave me some back and forth tech support emails finally admitting this was a problem and a solution was coming. That was a LONG time ago. First pick below: Chrome clipper. Second, Firefox clipper, both simple format. Almost moved to OneNote out of frustration but the migration is a *****, especially trying to keep links between notes of years worth of research intact.
  4. Still seeing this on Chrome on Mac. Very annoying. This should be a simple setting adjustment in Clipper. Evernote could you please make this default to full width? Chome is the most-used browser. Thanks, SMM
  5. YES, we need several delete buttons, one click. Please restore this easy feature ASAP. Thank you.
  6. That isn't the point. The Chrome Clipper used to use the full width of the window displayed on the computer after clipping. Now it is incredibly thin text column and when you click "formatting > Make Plain Text" it does not release this column width. This is incredibly annoying and needs restored to how it used to work. See screen shot attached. TONS on unused space.
  7. I certainly agree with the comments here. In a separate version this had been a problem for a couple weeks a year or two ago after an update. It went away then, and I wish quality control would've prevented it from coming back again. I hope we are able to see this repaired soon.
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