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  1. Not sure if this is a bug or feature request. I am unable to use tasks as I mostly copy notes internal links for the things I need to do. This does not work in tasks. When I post internal link the link is disabled. This makes the task function useless for me.
  2. I couldn’t agree more. It is virtually unusable! You cannot scroll or zoom without applying an editing tool! I have to export PDF to other apps such as notability to annotate. I hope they fix this soon!
  3. With the Evernote 10 upgrade (more like downgrade!) I am unable to scroll PDF in annotation mode and unable to zoom in or out. Whenever I try to scroll or zoom in or out using two fingers (in iOS) whatever function is selected applies to the document (highlight, arrow..etc.) this is really annoying. There is no scroll function. Using two fingers to zoom in or out doesn’t work. It is virtually impossible to use the annotation function this way. I ended up exporting to Notability when I need to annotate a PDF document! Bravo Evernote team for taking us back in time with this upgrade/downgrade that makes me question everyday why I stick to Evernote.. or even waste my time writing this feedback that never gets any attention. Just venting out and letting a scream out with no one to hear.
  4. In the new update it is not possible to view tagged noted on the left panel while viewing note details on the body on the right. This really disrupted my workflow as I tag to items then go through them on the left panel while viewing the note on the right panel. Now the appear on the entire panel and you have to click on note to view it then go back to view next tagged note. So annoying!
  5. This version so full of bugs it daunts me how it was released! A shame!
  6. Another bug with tags: when forward an email to my Evernote account then tag it, it doesn’t show when I search the tag.
  7. Once I select a tag and get all the notes with the selected tag, I am attempting to sort the notes (by title, date created, date updates). I am unable to do so in the new update. I tried to change the sorting order before selecting the tag. Once I select the tag it goes back to sorting by date updated rather than the sorting order I picked (such as by note title).
  8. Few time my writing on the notepad in Evernote gets lost if I don’t save it and the device goes to sleep. It would be great if the Evernote can auto save immediately when using the pad (the function when you hand write).
  9. I am unable to use the function as in photo on my Evernote app installed on my iPhone X. I used to be able to when it first came out few days ago. Not sure what happened. I tried deleting and reinstalling but still.
  10. The new feature that came out in the update that allows to insert and take photo is not appearing for some reason. This feature came out in the new “refreshed” update. For some reason this feature has disappeared for me. I checked with others who have Evernote app on IOS and it seems they have the same issue. Anyone experienced this?
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