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  1. This version so full of bugs it daunts me how it was released! A shame!
  2. Another bug with tags: when forward an email to my Evernote account then tag it, it doesn’t show when I search the tag.
  3. Once I select a tag and get all the notes with the selected tag, I am attempting to sort the notes (by title, date created, date updates). I am unable to do so in the new update. I tried to change the sorting order before selecting the tag. Once I select the tag it goes back to sorting by date updated rather than the sorting order I picked (such as by note title).
  4. Few time my writing on the notepad in Evernote gets lost if I don’t save it and the device goes to sleep. It would be great if the Evernote can auto save immediately when using the pad (the function when you hand write).
  5. I am unable to use the function as in photo on my Evernote app installed on my iPhone X. I used to be able to when it first came out few days ago. Not sure what happened. I tried deleting and reinstalling but still.
  6. The new feature that came out in the update that allows to insert and take photo is not appearing for some reason. This feature came out in the new “refreshed” update. For some reason this feature has disappeared for me. I checked with others who have Evernote app on IOS and it seems they have the same issue. Anyone experienced this?
  7. When will Evernote support Arabic Language right to left writing?
  8. I use Evernote on my iPad Pro to annotate PDF documents. As I often deal with large documents, it would be great if there was a bookmark function within the annotation tool. This would help to know which page I stopped at or mark certain pages to go back to. I have seen such function in other services such as Notability where you can bookmark pages of PDF documents. The way to do this is to introduce this function to the thumbnail that appears on the side when you drag it with all the pages in the annotation mode. When you click on a page it is marked. But you can only do it for single page and it is lost once you save and reopen the PDF. I hope this can be introduced soon. Otherwise if it is already available and I have not figured it out, I would appreciate it if someone can tell me how to do it.
  9. Adding my frustration here! I really wish we could get some visibility as to when this issue will be resolved. Before our patience runs out. I use iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and annotating PDFs is just a nightmare!
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