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  1. I agree. Gotham is a bad choice for a default font, made worse by the lack of any ability to change the default! This is basic UI design, Evernote. Get with it!
  2. How about posting that the survey is now closed instead of letting many people go discover it is closed?
  3. I won't repeat all the negative feedback about the "new" Evernote Web--that has been covered extensively by many other people. I am a six-year Premium user. I have tried the "new" Evernote Web several times and I HATE IT. It is nowhere near as useful and productive as the old version. I have steadfastly ignored the green prompt line at the top of the page and refused to "upgrade." This evening, Evernote Web started popping a message prompting me to upgrade every time I try to edit a note. The popup causes me to lose whatever I just typed. Over and over. If this is Evernote's way of forcing me to upgrade from the version I have used for 6 years and love to an inferior, less useful, less productive version, then I am really disappointed. Who designed the "new" Evernote web? It is really bad. How much negative feedback is it goint to take for you to admit it was a mistake and bring back the old version, or at least allow premium users to keep it for as long as they want?
  4. I tried the new Evernote Web again for a few hours. I have tried it 3 or 4 times before. I just don't like it. It is less functional and more cumbersome than the old version. Plus it uses larger fonts and includes more white space, so it shows less useful information in the same space. I have gone back to the old version again.
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