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  1. It's pretty bold to suggest that a windows configuration change should be done to fix an application bug. A non-essential application furthermore (if it was, say, an antivirus requesting something I might even consider it). Really dissapointed at Evernotes handling of this.
  2. And the font resize issue is still there on 6.7.5. I can not, for the life of me, understand that a product whose whole functionality revolves around text, has a bug like this that persists through multiple releases. Imagine if Microsoft Word started automatically changing font size as you type. The "it works on my machine" excuse will only work for a short while, and it's starting to get frustrating.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmC3keR5wok
  3. I am seeing this on Evernote 6.6.4, this exact thing is driving me up the wall.. Opened a ticket, guys were very helpful and guided me through the "open Options and set the font size value to 10" procedure, which it already was. Later on provided me a link that included changing a note font size registry entry to 10, and after reboot it worked okay for a couple of days. Yesterday it started happening again, note size is set to 10 at all places where I can find the setting. 1. I start a note, selected note size says 9. 2. Write one line, it is of size X 3. Start a new line, size changes to X-1 It's bugging the hell out of me.
  4. Thanks for the workaround from me too! I'll sound like a spoiled brat, but I'm a bit dissapointed with the leasure Evernote had in approaching this. Contacted support almost 25 days ago and they confirmed that they are aware of it but no ETA on the fix and no workaround provided. Something highly disruptive but probably really easy to fix has to wait for ~1 month to be addressed,
  5. Yes, I believe you are correct, copying note link immediately triggers synchronization. I see also being a problem the fact that the newly linked note would not yet have a name, but instead it would need to be somewhat of a placeholder of the soon-to-be-initialized note, and it would need to be updated afterwards.. Table of contents approach would be good, but would require that notes are listed in one notebook, while tasks can be grouped in different logical categories (notebooks). I like the idea of adding a weekly note as a reminder, I'll need to start doing that. It'll help to keep things in focus. Though I still can't move away from the daily plan, since I've found that it's much easier to start any task if instead of seeing it as this big mountain of work that needs to be done, I have a list of small manageable tasks so I'm just chipping it away.. Thanks for the reply and the idea!
  6. An idea for streamlining linked notes creation. Usually I create a daily plan note, where I write checklists of short tasks I need to do or queries I need to look into. Often those tasks will send me on a longer, more detailed investigation, for which I need a separate note in order to not polute my "daily plan note" with unnecessary details. So I need to: 1. Create a new note 2. Go to menu and select "copy note link" 3. Paste it in parent note 4. Switch back to newly created note and then start That's multiple clicks and mouse movements (or keystrokes), and I don't want to sound lazy, but it's just inefficient. It would be great if right-click menu in the first note would offer the option of "Create Linked Note" that would basically tie in everything from step 1 to step 4
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