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  1. Answer: Instead of looking for 'Save' in menu, you now have to drag the 'Drag to save' handle into the relevant folder See https://evernote.com/skitch/guide/mac/#7 (shows screenshot) It's because the default behaviour is set up to prioritise saving for Evernote. Hope this helps anyone else who stumbles across this old question
  2. Just wanted to +1 this as I also make code notes and get frustrated with Evernote over it, and want to add the following: a) Using a convention like ` (backtick) to surround code blocks (in typed notes of course) would save a lot of faff with, as OP mentions, selecting text then changing the font b) What's really, hideously annoying is that the Windows and Mac clients don't have a monospaced font in common! Ugh!! This means that text formatted in Courier or Consolas on Windows shows up in Helvetica on Mac vice versa: text in Andale Mono on Mac shows up as Arial on Windows Monospace is monospace for a reason; it doesn't really matter which typeface, just please find a way not to convert text from mono- to non-monospaced font, it's so annoying.
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