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  1. I noticed a little alarm clock on the 2 notes I am having a problem with, on my Homepage[ Green Page] and the time stamp of what I keep getting. I determined it was a reminder, so I removed it. Evernote sync'd but so far it did not solve the problem. The Reminder is gone, but the time stamp is still there, and that is what my Apple Watch keeps getting. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of the time stamp.
  2. Tried. It did not work. Also: Looked for "conflicts". Cleared one on another list. That list N/G also. Strange but a new recipe I added yesterday is there. So "RECENTLY VIEWED" is OK, but "RECENTLY UPDATED" is not [Although updated had to be viewed.]
  3. Just got my Apple Watch and set up on my iPhone 6+ to "Show App on Apple Watch". It is "installed" and it opens. However, it does not update along with my iPhone. When I open a note on my watch, it is really really old! [It's a shopping list that I have changed many many times since the one displayed.] I have tried turning OFF/ON both iPhone and watch. Uninstalling/Reinstalling Evernote from "My Watch" on iPhone. "Searching" for note instead of looking at what is there. I also tried 'Keeping in Dock" and "Remove". Is this a bug, or is there a solution?
  4. New policy states 2 devices "and on any number of computers using Evernote Web. So, if my English is correct I can use it on 2 iphones and all the computers I have using Evernote Web. But, it doesn't sync on my computer, even after I put in my Username.
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