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  1. I think it would just simplify the whole process if when the user chooses to annotate a note in Evernote, it automatically was converted to PDF. But to annotate a note in a browser or native client does not require a PDF. You can easily draw to a png and then use HTML z-index layering.
  2. The PDF conversion is a option but quite annoying and time consuming considering the amount of steps and quantity of notes I would annotate. The way I think it would work would be a 2nd layer or multiple layers over the original note allowing hand written notes and any other annotations to be stored in a different format that is convenient for Evernote. And of coarse it could be exported as a PDF. The layering would make more sense when you consider the business edition of Evernote and multiple users. Thanks.
  3. One of the greatest features of Evernote is the ability to grab ideas from other sources such as websites or photos. But when you get the time to review these sources, it would be extremely awesome if we had the ability to easily annotate them right in Evernote using apple pencil or any other input device similar to what you can do with other applications such as "iAnnotate PDF". If it were all integrated into Evernote and I would not have to export/import to another application it would take Evernote to a level well beyond anything the competition has. Please add this feature ASAP... make my life so much easier.
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