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  1. I love this update! I think it looks great, and is accessible. Some thoughts: I liked the home screen in v7, but I can work around it. I love the look. It seems more user friendly. On my iPhone 6, when going to My Account, the page shifted outside of the screen. I haven't been able to duplicate it, so it might have been an initial glitch that corrected itself. One thing that I would really like back is being able to see tags in the list view when I'm looking at notes. I have three major tags that separate my notes in three categories. I then have tons of tags that connect all of them based on subject. Not being able to see what they are tagged at a glance like I could in v7 makes it difficult to tell which category I'm working in. It'd be cool if I could turn that on (and off for those who don't want it) like the "Note Preview: Show images/Show body text." Otherwise, I love this.
  2. Ah, gotcha. That's a good way to do it. I did indeed add my vote for it. After Evernote implemented the voting aspect of the forum, I went through and added my vote to a bunch of them. =D
  3. Oh, I get their thinking. Perhaps one of the reasons I don't use folders/tagging the way Evernote intends is precisely the omission of nested tags in iOS. Here's hoping tomorrow will reveal the addition! I don't share notebooks (it's merely personal note storage for me), so I get why my philosophy isn't lining up with Evernotes. I'll have to consider how best to sort. What other apps do you use? I'm always on the lookout for good ones, and would be interested to see what ones work well with Evernote. Thanks!
  4. I have to confess, DTLow, that I'm at a loss for why you responded to my comment. It's great that Evernote doesn't make you nervous. For that, I'm glad. However, responding to my concern with telling me that I may be using the wrong product is neither beneficial nor respectful. To make this conversation respectful, I will ask you if you know why Evernote has said no to deeper stacks. I confess, I cannot understand the reasoning behind it, but perhaps there is one. As I think on it, it would be really great to know. If there's a philosophy behind their response, then I can think of how best to organize my notes around it rather than hoping they'll add in a deeper level. That said, Evernote is precisely the program I want to use. Neither I nor any other user would be on this forum if they didn't want to use it. We express our concerns so that the company whose software we use can have a better sense of what their user base is looking for. If it makes you feel better, I'll add this: Evernote is the best note-storage app I've tried (and I've tried a ton). I have no use for Markdown (forgive me, but unless everything you do is publishing-oriented, I don't get it's use), so feel no need for it. Evernote is fast and responds well. It's search functions are phenomenal. Search isn't always intuitive, but once I figured it out, I loved it. Most of my notes are text-based (meeting notes, personal notes, highlights from books, etc). Evernote is fantastic for that. I absolutely love the tagging and how it easily works. (If they include nested tags for iOS, I'll be thrilled.) So for me, the benefits of Evernote far outweigh what I'm missing. DTLow, you might consider the other side of what people are experiencing before engaging them in such a negative way. These forums were created by Evernote to collect their customer's opinions. If Evernote didn't want them, the forums wouldn't exist.
  5. It's amazing how quickly these things turn into a poo-flinging contest. Sheesh. I use Evernote for all of my notes, but I'm nervous about it. For the most part, it does everything I need. When Evernote shifted to the new pricing model, I gladly took them up on the 50% discount and went up to a Premium. After a few months I realized none of the premium functions are useful for me, so once my year is done I'll move to a Plus. I think the new model is actually smart. I'm rarely a fan of subscription-based models, but have no problem paying if what I receive is good. But what worries me isn't the pricing model, but rather user feedback/requests that seems to go unheard. For starters, users have been requesting for years for deeper level folder structure. They've also been requesting mobile nested tags (I'm hoping tomorrow's presentation for the iOS will include that). There's tons of requests for font, font color, and paragraphs structures (such as headings and the like) to be added to both the mobile and desktop versions. It worries me that a company doesn't appear to be hearing the requests from it's users. It's one of the reasons subscription-based models irritate me. A one-time-payment-based model allows a company freedom to simply put out features they think will sell. Users then get to choose whether to upgrade to the next version if it fits their needs or not. But a subscription-based model needs to pay more attention to user requests because users are paying each month. There were versions of MS Office that I simply didn't buy because it added nothing to my work flow. I didn't waste the money on a product that didn't add anything for me. But I don't get that choice with Evernote. I stop paying and I lose functionality. I suspect Evernote has an end goal in mind, which is great. I don't fault them for wanting better revenue or trying to implement features that make their platform more robust. But if users aren't feeling heard, they will leave. And eventually, revenue is going to dry up because users walked away. My advice, if Evernote is willing to hear me (I haven't been paying that long, after all): figure out who you want to be and make yourself the best at it. If you want to be the best task manager, go for it. If you want to be the best notes storage, go for it. Find your niche and make it the best possible out there. But don't lose track of your niche. It's really easy for others to come along and take it from you.
  6. Umm... I'm an idiot... I thought the forums were considered Support. ? How do do I contact Support?
  7. So here's something interesting: I did try removing the arrow, but no help. The text was in the margins, so I figured if I moved it to the middle of the page, maybe it would trigger the algorithm in the other direction. Nope. I opened the pdf on my computer, and it looked fine: single page, text in the middle, no issues. Opened it again on iOS, and still the side-by-side page mode. I decided to remove all the text on the page just to see what would happen, and it put it back to single page mode! Whoo hoo! I put text back on, and it reverted back to side-by-side. Doesn't matter where I put the text on that page (whether margin or middle), it goes to side-by-side. Just for kicks and grins, I put some text on the next page right in the middle. Something told me if I did that, it would change to side-by-side. Sure enough, I put simply "test" in the middle of the page, and it changed to side-by-side. Not sure what the algorithm is looking for, but annotating in the Evernote iOS app may no longer be viable for me. That's a bummer given I'm a premium account.
  8. I have a PDF I've been annotating some note on using my iPad. It's kinda clunky, but workable. I made a note in the upper left hand margin with an arrow pointing to a specific spot in the paragraph, then saved the annotation. From then on, my single-page PDF has now become a double-paged, so rather than viewing one page at a time as it was originally, it now views two pages side by side. Naturally in an iPad mini, I cannot read the document without zooming in to the original one page view, but the whole PDF is now stuck this way. What is going on?
  9. How is it that a thread created in 2008 with 34 pages of responses has yet to actually be acted on by Evernote? It's one my biggest frustrations that I'm limited in the number of folders I can categorize with. Tags are great for linking between notebooks, but they are definitely not notebooks themselves. For instance, I should have a folder with something like: Research Book Highlights Book Title 1 Book Title 2 Book Title 3 Personal Thoughts Definitions Webclippings Political Scientific Personal Notes Christmas Presents House Projects Statements Bank Work . . . [you get the idea] And then my tags become useful as a way of connecting all of the notes together. This way, I'm not forced to have a massive list of stacks to choose from when I'm trying to find that on document or note. Ooooo we should call the next hierarchy "Bookshelf"! In my example, "Research" is one bookshelf with "Book Highlights" as a stack, "Book Title 1" as a notebook, etc.
  10. Agreed! Being able to change the default font would be extremely helpful.
  11. I voted, and totally agree: nested tags is a must. I have hundreds of tags, most of which are nested under a few tags. Not having those nested on iOS devices is frustrating. To add to DamienW's note, being able to search for a tag in iOS share (rather than having to scroll through hundreds of tags) would be extremely helpful.
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