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  1. Thanks for the suggestions by the way. I'm hoping there's still some obvious thing I've missed that will fix it.
  2. I tried exiting evernote. I also tried rebooting the computer several times. That hasn't worked yet.
  3. The point is that his account was initially downgraded to basic, I presume because of the fee changes (he probably didn't pay attention to the notices). He has now upgraded, but the affected notes still won't synchronise. If I can't find the solution, I will ask him to contact support, but getting the top person to follow up a support request is not usually the fastest way of getting somethin resolved, in my experience..
  4. We use evernote to keep lab notebooks at work (research science). Our group leader has a premium account which we use to create and manage experiment notebooks so that all lab members can work with them simultaneously. We haven't had problems with running out of upload quota before. My group leader didn't know the rules were changing and therefore the premium account was automatically dropped back to a basic account. We therefore ran out of upload quota for these notebooks this month. I have been getting the error that "This note is in the notebook that belongs to XXXXX who reached th
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