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  1. Whilst I've been waiting for a moderator to approve this thread I found another damaged note. When I go online to version history, again it is fine so I download it. When I use the correct downloaded PDF to create a new note it is also fine. If I merge the fine note into the note which has the corrupted PDF it is instantly also corrupted. Does this mean then my database is corrupted?
  2. On the back on the disappearing PDF's which have seemed to have stopped, I now have PDF's corrupting. They look fine in Evernote. I open them up using the 'eye' button and some look like this (the green one). If I try to save as the PDF it looks the same. If I go online I can see an uncorrupted version so must be a local issue. This has happened to 2 PDF's I've looked at this morning. In the last 24 hours I have fully reinstalled Evernote fully twice to help solve this issue.
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