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  1. Evernote is very open minded about bugs. But you will not believe that EN loses data without me proving it. Which, of course, I can't. Welldone, you. As for no software being free of bugs, I experience Dropbox as being free of bugs. Am I going to occupy myself with the works of Godel and Turing? Well, I guess I'm going to be badarse and not do that. I saved them to Dropbox but can't find them.
  2. Read the New York Times article from a few days ago. There are bugs. They are trying to recruit to fix them. Meanwhile, the new releases have more bugs. Draw your own conclusions.
  3. ... oh that's right. You can't. Or, you have had 10 years, and the bug fixes are just around the corner. You just need to recruit some talent. To your non-unicorn. Whatever. I'll check back in 5 years.
  4. ... even if it is pretty impossible to get your information out once you have got it in. Evernote has been around for more than 10 years. I was using it a few years ago, and it had bugs. It still has bugs. A program for saving information that has bugs is not fit for purpose. Dropbox does not have bugs and also stores information. You put stuff in it, and you can get it out again. Dropbox deserves my money. Evernote does not. I have not heard about Microsoft Notes having bugs. But I would not use it anyway. I will be checking to see if they still bill me.
  5. Read the article. The boss published a blog post in January saying that there were bugs and undesirable behaviours and that it was going to take most of the year to get if fixed. The article says that he still has not recruited the people needed to fix the bugs. And that happened after big lot of layoffs. And it is struggling to employ the talent, the article suggests. And the year is half over. The article ends by saying that people are "rooting for Evernote to pull it off". Not that anyone on this forum would admit that there were bugs. Evernote has been around for over ten years. And this is supposed to be the year that the bugs get removed? Actually this is the year that more bugs were added, if you read your own support forums. The bottom line is that a program that is designed to capture information, and that has bugs, is not fit for purpose. Thanks for reminding me. I am, right now, going to attempt to cancel my subscription so I can stop giving these duplicitous tech billionaires my money. And, those of you on this forum who donate your time to tech billionaires, for a perpetually-broken product, why?
  6. Or, it could be the permanent bugs mentioned in the NYT article.
  7. NYT article said that EN has permanent bugs. Looks like they can't afford to test their software before "updates". Nice.
  8. New York Times article: there are bugs that will never be removed. LOL!!! Forgot to mention that, eh?
  9. The New York Times had a piece quoting Evernote people as saying that there are bugs with Evernote that are so embedded that they can never be removed. That tallies nicely with my experience of having information disappear out of the blue... and to get backup, you need the paid version (which, thankfully, I have). That, surely is a record tech billionaire double joke... need to pay to overcome the permanent bugs. Have a nice day.
  10. I was researching a topic on the net, and clipping bits of screens shots and website. A couple of things appeared in the notes list in the ap. Of those, and a couple more appeared in the web version. The rest were absent. Also, in the past, some notes have just disappeared and I had to get them back from the web. Your app is great for homemade Pinterest, but hopeless for work. Bye. Well, bye soon. First I have to extract my stuff. Evernote: computer herpes.
  11. Is One Note better? Fancy a note keeping program losing data? Madness.
  12. Hi I lost data again, and had to get it back with an old version of the note. I was editing a note. It had information in an image of text. The image disappeared from the note. Undoing the "edit" did not bring the image back. This is poor for a note keeping app.
  13. Hi. Intermittently, EN displays the wrong folder name. What happens is that I have been looking in a particular folder, click on the folder name and select a different folder. EN pauses and then displays the selected folder, but the displayed name of the folder does not change. One problem from this is, for example, that I am looking at notes in my !Inbox folder, and I can't merge them because (it seems) EN still thinks that it is looking in the Trash folder. I get an option to restore the notes (again!) but no option to merge them. What gives? This happens even after rebooting the computer, too, BTW. Thanks!
  14. "Cofounder" / "Me and me mates have written a program for people to use". "TomaRto" / "TomaYto". I have moved my Evernote data into the Google Drive folder. Hope that works.
  15. Yes, I thought that this might happen. The issue that you have raised here is the difference between literal language and pragmatic language. Some people tend toward pragmatic language. Some people in society tend toward literal language. QED is short for quod erat demonstrandum, "thus it has been demonstrated". It depends where you went to school, I suppose. As for posting on the OneNote forums, I assure you the pragmatic/literal English thing will be no better there. Probably worse. The first version was the clearer version. DTL pretended not to understand. You and DTL probably have a lot in common.
  16. Pleased to meet you, Guru. Let me explain for you how "giving users a voice is bad". 1. If you give users a voice, the implicit message is that you will listen to the voice. By "listen", I mean "act on". If someone says "please pass the sugar" and you listen carefully, but don't pass the sugar, you have not listened in a meaningful sense. 2. If Onenote "listens", then they will give resources to adding features, and not give those finite resources to fixing bugs. Fixing bugs is more important that adding features, so if Evernote listens by adding features, that is bad. 3. If Onenote has the forum up where people make suggestions, and does not attempt to give resources to adding features, then that is bad, because they mislead their posters. See 1. above. 4. As far as I can see, Onenote does not add features, such as different coloured highlighting, a sensible suggestion since about 2013. As far as I can see, Onenote does not fix the bugs in their software. The current situation is bad, therefore. 5. Therefore, Onenote giving its users a forum for features suggestions is bad (2, above), bad (3, above) and bad (4, above). Therefore, the forum for features requests is bad, bad, bad. QED. If I need to explain that more clearly, please post back.
  17. Ha ha ha ha. Different coloured highlighting: waiting since 2013. Ha ha ha. Try to tell the truth. Yeah, you upvote them and that's the last thing that ever happens. Ha ha ha. Great usefulness, not.
  18. Actually: no. It is perfectly possible to add new functionality without making basic functionality less friendly. Case in point, Google has added a fair bit of functionality over the years, but if you want to search... Another case in point, almost all the functions in Microsoft Work are accessible in one click, because you can customise the UI. Example: If I am typing and want to put part of a document two columns, I click, scroll and click. Same with page numbers x of y in the bottom middle of the page.
  19. If the basic workings, and feature sets of Evernote are lacking, asking for suggestions about future features is bad, bad, bad. Either, you will not fix the stuff that is broken, which is bad, or you will attempt to add features, which is bad bad bad. Makes me think that this forum is for PR, not for work and that it is therefore lies, lies, lies.
  20. How abouts removing the bugs from Evernote? So, like, when I THINK I saved a PDF it actually saves? Or basic functionality like being able to check the web version from an iPhone?
  21. When I download PDF's onto my iPhone, I like to sync them. A window comes up with space for a title and tags, and a button called <save>. I press save and go on with my browsing. But the PDF does not always sync. Recently, to try and fix this, I reinstalled Evernote, waited for the PDF to fully download, put in a title and a tag, and waited to give Evernote time to save/sync the PDF. No dice. 12 hours later, the attachments come up empty on the iPhone, on the PC, AND on the web client. I can't even check the cloud/version on my iPhone. And this from a company that has a section for feature requests? From a company that is supposed to "never forget". It never remembers. I read on a testing site that Evernote had laid off lots of staff in Europe. ? how true or not. Now, tell me, if a company is NOT going broke, will it's product not work while it inquires about new features AND has its old features not working, basic features not available, and rumors that it is laying off staff? I HATE Microsoft, but...
  22. Actually, one option is to use single word tags AND multiple word tags, to get the best of both worlds (except more tagging). Too, you can divide words as well as add them! punch(hit), punch(drink), and punch(pantomime.character) could both be subtypes of the tag punch.
  23. Thank you so much for your reply. I, too, had thought that "one idea, one tag" would be the best way to go. To answer your question, I think that "Plenty River" is ONE idea, and should be one tag, because it can't be part of a matrix (in this case, a 10x10 matrix because there are two terms and 10 variants of each term). I think that "2012 yearbook" is two ideas because it could so easily be represented on a matrix: 2000, 2001, 2002.... 2012... 2020, on one axis, and Yearbook, Report Card, Sporting Ribbons on another axis. If there were 10 things on each axis you could get by with 20 tags instead of 100. BUT that approach is less good for searches. IF you had large notes, and there was more than one year tag, and more than one document tag, then the search "2012" and "yearbook" would be less accurate than "2012 yearbook". That is my logic there. I am totally not saying that that division really is the way to do things, but I hope you can see that if there was a plenty this and a plenty that and my notes would be short, it MIGHT be best. Actually... on reflection, just suppose you could have single ideas or a 10x10x10x10 matrix, then I think that you really would be better off using single terms (? or two pairs). Suppose you had a tag Plenty River Fish 1-month-old as a tag, then you would have 40 tags vs 1000 tags, and each of the 1000 tags would have only one item attached. You would not have to fill up your tag page, because you could make the tags under a heading. But you WOULD not be able to pull up all records for, say, all the different animals that were in the Plenty River and were 1-month-old. You would have to write out the tags individually. So, to summarise One word tags give less accurate searches, but more flexible searches. One word tags are best when each tag/idea would have four or more elements. Multiple word tags are best when each tag/idea has two or fewer elements. Do I get a prize?
  24. S.J.Scott says, in his book "Master Evernote" (page 50 of 141) to avoid multiple-word tags. They use the example of "2013 ebook" and "2014 ebook" vs "2013" "2014" and "ebook". I'm not sure I buy it. I'm pretty sure that "Plenty River" is a better tag than using "Plenty" and "River" as separate tags. I want to get my tags done right from early on, so I thought that I would ask. PLEASE don't just say that it depends on the user, or etc. PLEASE be opinionated here. (I have also read "Evernote Wow" by Garth Scaysbrook and recon it is a better book, BTW)
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