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  1. Discovered a bit more about this way of losing data / edits. Found this by accident. Dragging a finger over a note brings up a previous version (see screenshot) and if you look closely you will see that the content has changed ie the note underneath is an older version. If I completed the dragging, still accidentally, it then becomes the current version and my new edits will be added there, losing the last batch of edits. I’m sure that something similar happened yesterday with some sort of drag from the right - this was from the left. It’s too easy to do when using the iPad extensively, moving between notes and apps, and I have found that just picking it up the wrong way can lead to this happening. I don’t think the problem is Evernote’s on this occasion but this does make me wonder about previous instances of data loss too. The obvious answer is to single task all the time but that totally defeats the point of having devices like this. I will be taking much more care from now on and not just accepting that “it works”.
  2. I have discovered one possible cause of data loss while using Evernote on iPad. There is some combination, as yet I can’t determine exactly what it is or recreate it at will, of gestures - coming in from the bottom right of the screen - that cause an old version ie just before the recent edits of the note to reappear. It’s easy not to notice and to continue working only to glance at the note and find the earlier edits have gone. This seems like an iPadOS issue rather than one with Evernote. I saw it happen today and got my edits back, but wonder how often this has been happening. It was done while I was busy and using the iPad a lot and obviously didn’t take enough care with what I was selecting / swiping / closing etc. How dare I multitask!
  3. Just had exactly the same problem again. Definitely not user error. Returned to iPad note after half an hour and latest edits were missing, but had synced to phone so I recovered that way. The only thing I didn’t do was close Evernote from background running as I usually always now do. I’m now running 10.4 and apart from this issue raising its head again, it has been stable for several weeks, though I still force sync after every update and almost always close on exit.
  4. Just experienced my first reoccurrence of missing data for several weeks. I was working on a note with my iPad, manually syncing often. Went to another note to check something and when I opened the note I had been working on a good bit of it was missing. It contained key dates that I had spend ages working on so was less than pleased. I checked on my phone and found that the data had synced there so was able, thankfully, to retrieve it. This issue was different to the ones I have had previously in that it lost data from the iPad after it had synced. I can’t explain that one. Back to doubting Evernote again after several weeks of it being stable.
  5. That’s helpful, thanks. I will have a go at not killing the app every time I leave it for a couple of minutes, and see how it goes. Having to constantly start and stop it, while not a time consuming task, detracts from the whole workflow pattern I have and I have to think about it rather than letting the devices just do the work as they should. I need to build up trust in it again as I use Evernote for mission critical things all the time and the risk of data loss again is just unthinkable.
  6. I do this and it works. I haven’t had any losses of data (that I’ve noticed) lately. Does anyone know how long it’s safe to leave Evernote in the background for? Having to close it and delete from background tasks every time I finish for a coupe of minutes is becoming a bind. Also, anyone had an update from support re when we can expect a permanent fix to be released?
  7. I understand your frustration, but I know that doesn’t help! Have you updated to the latest version? I had a load of data loss issues but over the last couple of weeks it seems to have become more stable, although I am strictly following some of the advice on this thread about saving notes, forcing syncs and opening Evernote fresh each time. Although I use it very frequently I close it when I finish working on a note or series of notes, even if I know I will be back in it in a few minutes. These work arounds are keeping it useable for me but it is a real pain. Support either don’t care or are swamped as I submitted a ticket on a different fault well over a week ago and have heard nothing. The experiences and help from users on here has been a life saver for me.
  8. Just had the same problem on 10.1 Changed a note, went to another note to check something, returned to edited note to find changes had gone. I was away from the edited note for less than 60 seconds. Back to zero confidence in this product.
  9. Perhaps against my better judgement, and out of character to go with a brand new release, I have upgraded to 10.1 just now. No idea if it solves the missing info issue as I am loath to let it run in the background still, but it DOES solve another issue - that of not importing clips; my missing clips have now been imported, but alas not the missing note edits. I will be treating Evernote with a lot of suspicion for a while yet and not really trusting it. Credibility and reputation will take some earning back.
  10. On the specific note I had the problem with, I made changes to an existing note. I don’t know if I navigated away and then back to it during that time as I’m always full on busy. When I returned to the note later (not much later) the edits had gone and had not been applied to any other device. Evernote is nearly always sitting in the background as I use it so frequently each day. This leads me to the conclusion that the error is as @wbutchart above has identified. It only happened after moving to Evernote 10. Apparently Evernote have been informed of this some time ago, so it is not “news” to you guys. Have you actually looked at that as the cause or just ignored that as well? You would correctly gauge from my tone that I am unhappy, because this has caused me a major problem. I am only sticking with Evernote for now as it is the best of a bad bunch and this serious error is just one of many issues in Evernote 10, as you guys are well aware. Please keep us informed of progress.
  11. Sometimes it’s a case of better the devil you know. I made a change in Apple Notes 2 hours ago and it hasn’t synced yet. Notes doesn’t seem like it’s cut out for volume use which at least Evernote is. With your workaround on losing data I will proceed with caution and hope Evernote sort out their problems quickly.
  12. Thanks. I will give this a go. I would clip this message into Evernote as I usually do but at the moment nothing I send to Evernote turns up. That’s a different issue I know, but symptomatic of the mess that is Evernote 10 at the moment. Let’s hope someone senior at Evernote is actually reading about all the problems they have caused. They won’t even dare come onto chat support I’ve noticed. What a fiasco! My backup plan is a physical notebook and pen - I wonder if that will catch on...
  13. OK, migration to Apple Notes done. Maybe it’s to do with initial sync not having finished yet, but Notes seems to be rather laggy now I have a high volume of data. Notes is far from perfect and I would rather Evernote just worked. I don’t have time to run two systems in parallel so am going to have to make a final choice between them quickly, and genuinely don’t know which way to go - stick with Evernote who have non-existent support and a buggy app that loses data, or go with Notes and hope it turns out OK.
  14. Thanks for the insight. I am spending some time today exporting my key notebooks from Evernote and building a workflow structure in Apple Notes as unfortunately I have lost confidence in Evernote. When I’ve sorted out importing and structure I will be cancelling my Evernote Premium subscription and will just use it for keeping legacy notes. Losing data was the final straw for me. For a company to release a product with a known serious issue, and then to ignore it, is unacceptable.
  15. Exactly the same issue with Evernote 10.0.4 on my iPad. I was editing a key document yesterday and spent a long time on it. Returned to it later and my edits had gone. Raised a support ticket and have heard nothing. What do I pay Premium for? Where is the “premium support”? There are a number of other issues with 10 as well but data loss is a totally unacceptable show stopper. I’ve used Evernote extensively since March 2011 but last night I began looking at Apple Notes as an alternative. I must be able to rely on the security of my data, and work just disappearing makes any application unusable. The edits are not on the web version, phone version or laptop version. They have just gone. Being ignored just rubs salt into the wound. Unless resolved immediately (not holding my breath) this spells the beginning of a rapid end for Evernote. Sadly, because it is a great tool and a massive part of my workflow.
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