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  1. If voting is what is required to get functionality back then consider this my vote for yes, please make fixing the Chrome extension a priority. The missing comments section has completely destroyed my workflow. I'm not sure about Chrome itself, but I use Vivaldi, a Chrome based browser, and I was able to restore version 6.13.2 as long as I also keep the new version installed but disabled to prevent auto updating. If you don't have the new version installed as well, it will update and overwrite the older, better extension. There does not seem to be any problems running the older versi
  2. Can you please at least make an option in the settings to turn the summary On and Off. I just spent the whole afternoon trying to sign a pdf and send it back before I finally saw that checkbox with print that is almost white at the bottom of the screen. Today was the closest I came to cancelling my account after many years I was that frustrated with this task that used to be so simple. Or even, make the summary a separate page at the beginning of the pdf. At least then, you can choose to print out pages 2-end and leave out the summary if wanted. Maybe it's just me but I don't know how hav
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