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  1. I tried your combination, but clicking the search box didn't bring up any link to submit details for me. I tried with google chrome and with firefox.
  2. Simplify formatting turned the emojis into deletable ones for me as well! However, the new emojis still aren't recognized by the desktop version. How do you submit a bug report/ticket? I don't see any way to do it.
  3. On the app, when I type a smiley in a note and then press enter right after, it automatically turns into an emoji. These emojis cannot be deleted using backspace when typing on the app, but they can be cut out. They can also be deleted when I'm editing notes on the desktop version. My big problem is that the emojis just show up as blank boxes on the desktop version. My phone is a One Plus 2 and I'm using Windows 10. I'm looking for a way to disable the automatic emojis and convert existing emojis back into text, or a way to see the emojis on the desktop versio
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