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  1. Yeah, I noticed that too so I went back to the previous version v6.25.1.9091 and got that feature back. The new version (V10) screwed a lot of things up and wasn't worth the update imo...
  2. I say Evernote's next update be named marcelo in honor of his great idea almost 10 years ago! 😄
  3. Hmmm, I wonder how many other companies can ignore their customer's top request for a decade and still remain relevant? Just a reminder Evernote for this kind of arrogance and mentality, as the following businesses, as well as many others, all once dominated and yet are no longer around... Border's Books PanAm Toy's R Us Tower Records Blockbuster Video (technically, I think there's still 1 store-lol) Sears Lehman Brothers ...only time will tell!
  4. I asked a tech about this feature to see if he can maybe move this decade long request up the developer ladder so we'll see. Below is his email reply I just got from him (Oleg-VERY nice and helpful tech!)... Oleg T (Evernote Help and Learning) Oct 28, 2020, 14:44 PDT Hi Nick, Thanks for writing back. The ability to control which image is shown in a note's thumbnail/snippet view has been a popular feature request for quite some time. I certainly agree that this functionality would be very beneficial to many of users. With that being said, I'm more than h
  5. Here is another update from an email I received from Evernote that could be useful for anyone else having this issue. So far, my issue hasn't come back BUT I just reinstalled Evernote on my desktop last week and it can take 1-2 weeks until this pops up again, so I'm hoping this isn't an issue any longer as the tech (Oleg) from Evernote explains why this can happen in his reply email below... Oleg T (Evernote Help and Learning) Oct 26, 2020, 10:51 PDT Hi Nick, Thanks for the clarification. I'm very happy to hear that everything works as expected. You're
  6. Talk about a light bulb going off in your head! I think I fixed the other issue I posted in this thread here...
  7. Holy cow, I think I know why I was having this issue!!!! For what it's worth, I resolved this issue myself by simply installing Evernote via the Microsoft Store. Problem was gone and I forgot to update this thread. BUT... ...the reason I think I was having this issue to begin with was from the following email I got from an Evernote tech... Jeffrey B. (Evernote Help and Learning) Jan 9, 19:05 PST Hi there. Thank you for reaching Evernote Customer Support. I understand that you're having troubles with your icon that is blank. I am glad to help you with this
  8. Yep, add me to this list! C'mon Evernote devs...10 years, really!?
  9. That worked! I simply uninstalled Evernote v.10, restarted my PC, reinstalled Evernote v.6 and all is good now. BUT...I'm not out of the woods yet. The original issue I was having trouble with (posted above, Evernote going through some kind of setup/reinstall each time I opened it) was inconsistent and this issue wouldn't appear until 1-2 weeks later. So hopefully that doesn't happen again but we'll see and at least I have the version that I like v.6... Thanks again for your help everyone!
  10. I think I know what happened... I was having issues with Evernote on my desktop (documented in this thread here...) but the steps Evernote gave me didn't work. I forgot to update that thread btw so maybe I'll do that next but in the end, I installed Evernote via the Microsoft Store (see screenshot below)... and this fixed my original issue. And this would maybe explain why my experience the other day on my desktop was strange as I was prompted to login to Evernote and then it started installing version 10 b/c it was installed via Microsoft Store and not directly on my desktop PC. ???
  11. I thought the update was forced like mobile phone carriers. I tried opening Evernote the other day and it had me verify my account through the web to log in and then it opened up with a new look to it (none of this happened on my laptop btw). I was never asked to update (that I remember). I'll gladly go back to the older version then. How do I roll back back to my old version?
  12. Thank you very much for that tip!!! By the way, my laptop is still running the old Evernote (v. and the issue I mentioned above 1. Thumbnail Pic... worked of course but when it synced it synced the thumbnail pic to my desktop Evernote new version! I think I'll keep my laptop running the old Evernote version as long as I can since I didn't have any issue with it!
  13. How about from now on when any company decides they have a new and "improved" update they let us pawn of consumers decide to keep the "classic" version! You know...the time when everything worked like it should and you had no complaints. This way, when the devs get inspired to attempt to make things "better" and FAIL, we can simply go about our everyday lives with little to NO impact and ignore your little hickups along the way. Okay, that was my rant for all companies trying to fix what isn't broken ARG! Below is my list of things I've noticed so far that don't work, disappeared and/or
  14. 9 years, 6 pages later (and counting) yet Evernote still hasn't gotten the hint!? Goodness Evernote get with the program and add this feature already since it's been requested for nearly a decade now!
  15. Just wanted to update this thread... I was able to submit a ticket using FireFox browser and Evernote responded 2 days later with some steps to help fix the issue. See steps below... I explained that I recently tried to install Evernote via the Microsoft Store instead of downloading it again directly from Evernote (since this always seems to give me trouble). I want to see if this issue goes away since it's running as an app through the MS Store. So far I haven't had any issues but then again, it took almost 2 weeks last time until it came back. I asked the Evernote tech if he can ke
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