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  1. I am a lawyer and I use Evernote for all of my personal note taking. I use all Mac devices (two iMacs, one MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and an iPad). I will frequently have a .pdf document or a .jpg photo or another attachment that I insert into my notes and then take notes about it. For example, I might be getting ready to interview a potential expert witness and I would drop a copy of that witness' written report (in .pdf format) into a new note and then make a list of questions I need to ask about the report. During the interview, I might annotate the report or just make notes around it. When I do this, I can see the .pdf inline on my computer, my iPhone, and my iPad. However, when I try to print the note, the .pdf files are reduced to headings, i.e., I can't see the pages of the .pdf document in line in the hard copy I print out. I really need to be able to print the .pdf files in line with my notes and annotations around them so that I can distribute hard copies or have hard copies to use in court. I have tried searching the user forums and searching online for an answer. I just had a lengthy chat session with Evernote tech support about this and was told: "So it appears this is by design due to the way Common Editor is designed in the Evernote app. The PDF will print separately. As a workaround you can right click inside the note and choose 'Covert to PDF' and it will print inline." When I tried to convert notes to PDF as per the workaround suggestion, it didn't turn out any better. First, I tried to print a note that had a .jpg attachment followed by three 1-page .pdf attachments, followed by two multi-page .pdf attachments. The new .pdf file showed the .jpg inline, but had big blanks where all of the .pdfs were supposed to be. Then, I deleted the .jpg out of the original note and tried again. This time, the new .pdf had the first 1-page .pdf attachment inline, but big blanks where the other .pdfs were supposed to be. Finally, I deleted the three 1-page .pdf attachments and the second multi-page .pdf attachment so that the note only contained a single multi-page .pdf attachment. This time the new .pdf did not contain any images inline, but instead had a big blank where the .pdf attachment should have been. I really need a way to fix this.
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