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  1. Hi @ilia5101982 First off, thanks for all the effort of creating this tool, which is much needed! I am wondering how you intend this software to be used, because looking at the tutorial videos, I seriously can't see this being realistic. Was the idea to be able to en/decrypt just a handful of notes at maximum? Because with every "Encrypt", all files get encrypted and saved alongside any other encrypted messages that already exist in the encrypted notebook. So they basically get duplicated. Same happens when "Decrypting". So obviously, having hundreds of notes, this would make it totally unmanageable, even on just 1 device, let alone multiple ones! In the video the note gets copied into the "Encrypt Inbox", then encrypted, then moved to the notebook to be synced with Evernote. On any other device, the same copy-paste operation is necessary to decrypt. What I was hoping for was something like this: Encryption: Local notebook -> Encrypt all notes -> Notebook to be synced with Evernote Decryption: Notebook on Evernote -> Decrypt all notes -> Local notebook If I now change something in a local note, I would expect your software to just synchronise the changed note and replace the one in the Evernote notebook, not just create a new copy of all of them (also unchanged ones). Is this not possible or was this never the idea? Also, at the moment it only works on 1 notebook. Will this be extended to multiple ones in the future? Bottom line: The way the en/decryption works at the moment, it's not usable for a smooth workflow of more than a handful of notes. If I'm missing something here, please do enlighten me! :-D Thanks, Armando
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