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  1. I don't mean from the main "Notebooks" view, I mean from the side-panel (But that's exactly the feature I want) I use my side panel in constantly expanded mode.
  2. IMO a very intuitive feature is missing and it's really annoying to use the current method. CURRENTLY: When I want to add a new notebook to an existing group, if I want to use the UI, I have to scroll to "Notebooks" click on it, then click the New Notebook button, then find the new notebook and drag it into my group/stack/whatever. CURRENTLY (B): If I click Shift+Command+N I can create a new notebook, but even if I've selected a stack, it doesn't add the new notebook to it. REQUEST: Let me right click on a stack, and then click a New Notebook on the pop-up menu. Have that notebook show up within the stack.
  3. I would like to use Evernote to store blog posts prior to publishing them. I have all the rest of my data in Evernote, so I'd rather not have yet another place I store the data. The problem is, I can't just use pre-formatted options like "H1, H2, etc" and all the HTML is included if I copy paste, overriding my styles. I'd like a way to at a minimum flag a note as "Plain-text" where no formatting is applied or available and better yet would be support for Markdown...even with plaintext only I could use markdown.
  4. <p>I too want code blocks</p> <p>Kinda sad the forum supports them but the product does not</p> <p>There was a Mac beta which had some kind of support for them...what ever happened to that?!</p>
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