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  1. Yeah. Just got back to evernote as trying it as alternative to Apple Notes. Got all excited of how nice it was again, and then, as I write notes, hit tab, hit it once too many, hit backspace and NO, I have to press backspace multiple times to get back roughly where it was. As keeping notes go, I indent a lot. And I expect it to work from keyboard, prefferably with tab and back-space. I'm not going to change my writing flow to suit the program, rather go to google docs or some other alternative. I can't see how the user benefits from the program behaving like it does. As I have history with it, I'm going to look at shortcuts and see if I can map sensible indenting to the tab-button, but this is really streching it. Dear developers, this is a deal-breaker for me. I assume that I'm not within your intended target audiences. Shame, as I've liked evernote throughout the years.
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