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  1. I think it is unfortunate if Evernote is working this way—I'd personally rather see more internal QA and a slower release schedule—but I understand how software dev works so this doesn't bother me very much. I wrote way more than I intended about the lag and crashing issues. The point of this post was more about what makes Premium Evernote worth more ($60 more) than other organization solutions, which I think historically has been the flexibility and broadness of their entire ecosystem of features and platforms allowing many different types of professionals to work efficiently. What concerns me about the decisions made in this most recent update is the shift away from these kinds of features in the name of a slightly more efficient interface tailored only to looking good and facilitating one limited vision of quick note taking. The evernote ecosystem did get more fractured and confusing than it could be (especially with all the apps living on the periphery of the core product) but instead of working to include more of those capabilities in the core product, they simplified the core product too far—throwing the baby out with the bath water.
  2. Just tossing in my 2¢, I have the same issues and find myself using other apps for typing and note taking and then trying to bring it in to Evernote later for the organizational aspect.
  3. I, like many others here, pay for the maximum subscription. Like many others here, I use Evernote across my phone and iPad and several computers. However, it has been several months since the iOS update, and the usability has barely begun to approach where it was with the old app, and I'd like a little reassurance that someday soon the software will return to something similar to its former capabilities. The new look and feel is fine, the new workflow and buttons are fine, but that's not why people use Evernote—at least, it's not why people pay for Evernote. Overall, I (and I think many other users) feel the focus has shifted away from paying users who want software for work towards trying to attract new free users looking for the next shiny thing. Paid users are, fundamentally, looking only for stability, speed, or features which improve on one of those two. We are more than happy to use quirky, confusing, even outdated interfaces as long as they are fast and don't hold us back, but that isn't the case with the new one: it looks nice, it's well thought out, but I can't hear something important in a meeting and immediately write it down because I have to deal with 30s at best of waiting and random UI glitches. This is precisely what destroys products like Evernote. They get confused, they slow down, and someone new pops up with a narrow focus and a light, new codebase and everyone switches because even though it's not as good, it's faster and feels better to use. My most serious daily issues with the remake (overlooking the month when I stopped using it for anything important out of stability concerns): Too slow: I just timed myself opening the app, switching notebooks, opening a new app, and typing "this is a title" in the title and "hello!" In the body; it took 26.88 seconds. The new workflow is faster in theory (fewer taps) but the app is so much slower it more than makes up the difference. Scrolling through notes isn't even smooth anymore, it stutters and gets stuck sometimes This applies to all parts of the app, it's gone from feeling solid to feeling like a web view type app skin. New keyboard layout makes typing bulleted notes with indentation too slow to be worthwhile new keyboard layout makes anything except from the apple keyboard B I U buttons too slow to be worthwhile So many missing features no more suggested titles (there goes 15 seconds every time I open a note where I have to break my train of thought to think of a title) no more presentation mode (I think this has been adequately covered) Crashes fairly regularly, especially losing work when annotating PDFs and stuff Others on the forum have discussed this more extensively, but this is largely why Evernote was great. It had enough features to support someone working at a desk all day, someone on the move all day (what happened to easy access to geotags of notes?!), someone presenting on the fly, or someone running a brainstorming session; Evernote was purchased by many different types of people for many different jobs, that's what made it great and that is mostly gone now. The subset of features that mattered to me as a student are largely different from the subset that matter to me in the office. No no longer the best at anything except for sync and search whenever I need to get something done, I find myself more and more turning to other apps. Drawing is useless in Evernote, handwriting is impossible, the new keyboard makes note taking frustrating, and the PDF annotations are not worth the hassle. The organization is the only thing keeping me on Evernote, because any time I'm not at my computer, it's faster to use a different app and then import it to Evernote as a PDF (except the PDF viewer is so bad I'm doing this less now as well). Can there be any reassurance that Evernote will shift focus back to the paying premium users, so that we don't have to go elsewhere?
  4. Sure, I use notes plus, it has great stylus support and allows me to actually write by hand on my PDFs. But this is the number one feature I'd like to see Evernote improve—one of the reasons I pay for the service. Brief annotations so that pages get listed in the annotations section Evernote adds to the top of the PDF is crucial for long documents. Up until the most recent update, Evernote was sufficient enough for highlighting (the drawing tools and lack of stylus support was hopeless though) that the organization aspects outweighed the massive shortcomings in annotating tools. I would so gladly keep paying for Evernote (I have a premium subscription right now) if they had found a way to get PDFs to integrate into notes with annotation tools so that you could just tap on a note from the list and instantly see the PDF contents embedded and get right to work instead of open note > open PDF > open annotation tools (before they broke). The workflow is especially bad on the desktop version. I would gladly trade the new UI and all the new missing features for that one thing. The whole point of Evernote is to have notes with all sorts of stuff in them; images, documents, PDFs, random files Evernote has no chance of recognizing, so it's really sad to see them prioritize quick and simple notes over power user features. Power users are the ones who pay.
  5. I am a premium user, I use Evernote constantly, but it is completely useless now. The app crashes 5-10 seconds after launch, and for those few seconds it's open it is laggy and unusable. I have deleted, restarted, reinstalled, etc in every combination I can think of several times, the furthest I've ever gotten is one word into a note. Please, this is not the level of quality control I expect from a $60/yr app. Most of the features I need I could get for free elsewhere, so I feel pretty bad paying to get absolutely nothing right now. Also, on iPad, PDF annotation is gone—one of the largest reasons I paid for Evernote in the first place.
  6. If I get as far as editing a note, there's huge lag. The app is too slow and crashes too often to ever open a note though.
  7. They took this out too? This was one of the largest reasons I switched to Evernote.
  8. It's too bad, that feature is designed to work with the presentation mode (you can automatically use the lines to form "slides" for your presentation) but they removed presentation mode from iOS entirely.
  9. PDF annotation doesn't seem to be working on the new app on iPad? (And I'll just add myself to the chorus of disappoint about presentation mode) Also, in portrait mode, the note takes up less than half the width of the screen, with no way to make the sidebar narrower. I pay for Evernote because it's the most productive app, not because it's the most pretty. I'd love to see stylus support, presentation mode returned, and PDF annotation made much more precise and natural... UI changes like this don't really help me do anything better or faster—that's what I want from Evernote.
  10. I use PDF annotations all the time in Evernote, but since the update I can't seem to annotate any new PDF files I've added. I can annotate old files that I have already annotated, but when I add new ones the annotate button is greyed out. Any advice for a fix or workaround?
  11. This new update looks nice, but I never chose Evernote premium because it looked nice, I chose it for features like presentation mode.
  12. Please support the Adonit Pixel! The Evernote compatibility would outweigh other shortcomings if only I could use this stylus!
  13. I'd really like to be able to use penultimate because the Evernote support would probably outweigh the other shortcomings, if only it worked with this stylus!
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