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  1. I have the same backspace issue. I kept waiting for it to be fixed, but it's been months now. I have version 7.9.3 on my android.
  2. How do I access Chat? I upgraded to Premium but still don't see any way to ask anyone a question. Also, several months ago on my android, Evernote stopped being able to highlight a word by double-tapping, making it difficult to cut, copy, or delete. At the same time, it began duplicating a word if I tried to backspace over it to erase it. It's really annoying. Is there any fix to this?
  3. How do I access Chat? I have a technical issue and it's absurdly difficult to find someone to ask. The instructions that come up when I google it don't work, there is no "Evernote Chat" option on my screen. I am a Premium user.
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