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  1. Hi Ralph, The Undo/Redo options are in fact also at the bottom of the menu which I had not noticed.
  2. Hi, sorry about that. It was just there when I updated. This is on my mobile device, maybe it's different on a tablet, if that's what your secondary device is.
  3. Ralph77, the version I have at the moment, v 7.9.9 has it back where you say they were. ?
  4. Hi, The undo button in the tool bar with the B and i etc was really convenient. Could we at least have the option to have it there/choose what's in the toolbar? Now once you select it it floats and then disappears and you have to reopen options tab.. after being so conveniently placed...
  5. Yes, I also miss this feature of Keep's and actually just reinstalled it on my phone just because for daily tasks this feature is super convenient. It would have been nice to just have one app for everything but I miss being able to move checkboxes or for those that are checked moving to the bottom and so instead find myself copying and pasting to rearrange the list which is awkward.
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