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  1. i click on your link it seems i have to ask to join first? can you approve my request? leo.hidayat@gmail.com thank you
  2. i just read another thread some have been waiting since 2012 please make it happen quick where can i get that beta version?
  3. making many many notes is not ideal for me i just moved to android from iphone on iphone we have the app called notebooks, they have the search text function that i mentioned about the search within note, how do i do that? when i press the 3 vertical dots i cant find search command i am on the free version of evernote by the way
  4. if i have a long long list of email addresses and phone numbers in 1 single note i can search it but the search only shows which note has the word im searching i have to scroll down very slowly to find the searched words in a yellow box why cant evernote made it simple so that the cursor goes straight to the line of the searched words and if there are more than just 1 findings we can just hit next or previous this is simple microsoft excell find function
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