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  1. Upon further examination it seems that the problem is common for both Chrome and Edge (I am running MS Edge Version 84.0.522.40 (Official build) (64-bit)).

    Another example is this story where both Chrome and Edge miss the following info including the photo caption, author info, publication date, and first two paragraphs:

    "School buses at the San Diego Unified School District Transportation Department. (Bing Guan/Bloomberg News)
    Image without a caption
    Opinion by Danielle Allen Contributing columnist
    July 16, 2020 at 4:57 p.m. EDT

    Pathei mathos — in suffering we learn. The words of the Greek tragedian Aeschylus continue to echo in my mind.

    Our suffering today in America is finally teaching us that we need to fight covid-19 for real; we need to pursue not just mitigation — slowing the spread of disease — but suppression — getting back to near zero case incidence. But just because we grown-ups have had to learn from suffering doesn’t mean the kids should."


    I appreciate that this is a user forum and appreciate any suggestions. I'll post elsewhere as well.

  2. Chrome is my preferred browser but have discovered that Web Clipper on Chrome misses important content on the Washington Post. For example, on this particular story https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/06/14/ripple-effects-downturn-show-pandemics-early-economic-toll-was-just-beginning/, Web Clipper on Chrome does not include key information including the article date, the author, photo, photo text, or the first paragraph. Web Clipper on MS Edge captures this information.

    Does anyone have a solution?

  3. 3 hours ago, jefito said:

    OK, I see; you searched the evernote.com site, but I searched the forums. I just went to the top of this topic, typed "optimize database' into the search box, and to the left of that, clicked to dropdown and selected "All content".

    Nope. They don't throttle performance for the free service. I have two accounts, my personal account is paid, my work account is paid. They're roughly the same size, with some notebooks shared back and forth, running on similar machines. Performance is about the same, though  I do keep my database on SSD drives in both cases. I think that the SSD makes a big difference.

    Thanks for the insight.

    Not to get too far off topic, following your note I (think I) searched the forum and still found only seven results--yours, dbvirago, and mine.




  4. 2 hours ago, dbvirago said:

    First time I ran it, it seemed to help a lot, but about a week later, it was bogging down again. 

    No to the paying part. I have over 15K notes and have been a premium user for years. It may be that support is better, but this is obviously a wide-ranging problem that has been going on for years and from what we can tell, is not being addressed. 

    After messing with the optimization for a few weeks, I put a serious effort into a replacement. For me, the only two that fit the way I work was OneNote and Nimbus. I liked the look and feel of OneNote, but the integration with OneDrive was clunky and difficult. On top of that, the support is Microsoft. If you have ever dealt with their support, I don't need to say more. 

    Nimbus has had a few quirky things that I can't swear isn't user error, but overall has worked very well. The import was very easy and moving notes and folders around has been great. Full disclosure, I am a folder guy, not a tag guy. The folders and subfolder work very good and they are actual subfolders, not like ENs fake 'stacks' The tags I did have seemed to import fine, but I didn't pay any attention to them. The best thing has been the support which has been astonishingly fast. 

    I'm not going to completely dump EN, but will go to the free account before my renewal. 

    Thanks and thanks for the info on Nimbus. This is a relatively new problem for me so I'll stick with EN for now.

  5. 32 minutes ago, jefito said:

    It's not a super secret -- more like an open secret on the forums here -- but it's hidden for a reason: the extra functions exposed in that menu are intended for use in tech support situations. Most people never need any of these operations. In my case, I have only ever used the "Optimize database" function once or twice; mainly just to try them it out when they first appeared. I didn't notice any difference, but then again, I don't have a massive note database as some do, and haven't experienced performance problems to date.

    In any case, I would never use these functions without having backed up my note database first. Never. And I'm not a casual user. If something goes wrong, then you're really hosed, particularly if you have unsynced notes. So they're hidden to casual users for a reason, and justifiably so, in my opinion. All of that being said, users should also have a backup plan for their notes database anyways. It's just good practice.

    p.s. I did a search the forum for 'optimize database', and I came up with many hits. Not sure what I did that was different than what you did.

    Thanks for the reply. I ran the optimization without a backup and it doesn't seem to be any worse but it doesn't seem to be any better. Would have been helpful if there has been a warning to backup the notes before optimizing, but no matter in my case.

    I have posted a screen shot of my "optimize database" search, prompting me to contact support. Perhaps there is a super secret way to search that I don't know about?

    I don't consider myself a casual user--I've got 2,500 notes--but my use is low enough that I am able to avail myself of the free service. What brought me here was constant "not responding" messages. Would I get any better performance if I were to pay for the service?



  6. 9 hours ago, Help As Needed said:

    I'm not sure: is "super secret Optimize Database" a joke?

    Answering my own question ... searching Evernote for "optimize database" doesn't return any results ... but by searching Google for "how to optimize evernote database w10" I discovered the super secret: While holding down the ctrl key, click on the 'Help' menu.

    How crazy is that?

  7. On 1/10/2018 at 8:53 AM, dbvirago said:

    Well, I stumbled across the super secret Optimize Database command in another thread and ran it. Been about 12 hours now and I haven't had Not Responding once. I still the sync spinning when I go active for a few seconds, but it's not hosing up the system. I'll probably try some of the other options under the hidden tools menu when I have time to let it run. Optimize Database took several hours to run. Meanwhile, I just used the web version, which, I have to say is not a great substitute. It does all the major things well, but a lot of minor things, such as word count in a note and note manipulation or missing or hard to find.

    I did spend several hours with OneNote and Nimbus. Either would make a viable alternative if Evernote continues to have problems and the management team continues to stay silent and updates don't get rolled out with fixes.

    I'm not sure: is "super secret Optimize Database" a joke?

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