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  1. On 19/07/2016 at 9:43 AM, Tra5hman said:


    Yes, on Chrome OS (ie. Chromebooks) the new 6.9 clipper is very broken.

    The key problem seem to be that when the Web Clipper opens (after pressing the Clip to Evernote toolbar button) the cursor/pointer is not the usual selection pointer tool (arrow). Instead it is some sort of text highligher pointer (looks like an Insertion Tool cursor with an adjacent small yellow box).

    What this means is that you cannot use the mouse pointer to select any of the choices presented by the Web Clipper, ie. you cannot use the mouse pointer to change anything such as the Clip target (Article, Simplified, Full Page etc), nor select any Organize target folder, add Tags, Remarks or change Options. Because the mouse pointer is an Insertion Tool and not the usual Pointer, clicking on any of these interface elements does nothing. You're basically stuck, unless you revert solely to keyboard control which permits some level of workaround, but who does that (or even knows how to do that?)?

    At first I wondered whether this was something to do with my setup - but on Chromebooks there isn't really much you can do to alter you're setup - it's just a Chromebook after all. After reading the comments here from others I realise it is simply the new Web Clipper 6.9 that's broken on Chrome OS.

    It's disappointing to see Evernote release something that's as completely broken as this is - clearly no one at Evernote has tested this on a Chromebook since the moment you press Clip to Evernote you can see that it doesn't work any longer! And then leave this useless version out there for several weeks, when the previous version worked fine.

    Unfortunately, as another poster has said, Chromebook screenshots don't capture this Insertion Tool pointer that the clipper opens up with. But all Evernote staff need to is simply try this 6.9 release on Chrome OS to witness what has been described.

    I'm experiencing the same problem on Chrome OS and on my Chrome browser on PC for at least a week now. Is there any timeline as to when this issue will be resolved? Or is it possible to downgrade to an earlier version of webclipper in the meantime? The tool is almost unusable at present.

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