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  1. I just installed Evernote again thinking that this feature was added since 2013, when i stopped using it. To my surprise, it is still not available! I love everything else evernote does but this is a big deal and it is closely related to the other features evernote provides. This feature is evernote saying here, you can do all it in our App and we don't mind sharing our hard work with other applications. Ultimately that is what I am trying to do. I want to take hand written notes, take a picture with evernote, come back later, OCR > Text and save it as a Word Document or editable PDF, or Excel, or Google Docs. 2 Things that are important to users that Evernote should really look at: 1) Make a swiss army knife tool, don't just make a text searchable app but no way to extract the text from the picture. People are downsizing the amount of apps they have and apps that can do more than 1 thing even if it isn't as good as a competitor, are being chosen over others. See OneNote. 2) Don't force your users to have to pull double duty. You want us to use your time saving, cant live without tool, but you want us to hand write notes, then turn around and hand type those notes into the PC? Sure we can use another app but why wouldn't you want to keep the users in house and provide that feature? I am going to actually try the google docs method but if that is too cumbersome i will be installing Onenote. Good Luck with not changing and only sticking to what you do best. That rarely works by the way. See MySpace, Yahoo, AOL, Blockbuster, Kodak, Barnes&Nobles, etc.
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