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  1. Hi Matt: I look forward to the resolution of this issue. I also just discovered something else. For some reason, clippings I send to Evernote don't show on my Windows 10 Desktop, but do on my Android tablet and smartphone. Any suggestions? Blessings to you.
  2. Thanks for responding, Matt. This is the link: http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/loving-muslims-begins-with-honesty In attachment, a screenshot of part of one of the articles (link above) with problems.
  3. I just started using and love the potential of Evernote. I have Windows PCs, but my phone and tablet are Android. I have noticed that when I share articles to Evernote, many of them do not translate well. What I mean is that in Evernote, they are poorly formatted, to the point that they cannot be easily read. (lines overlap, etc) I'm trying to make Evernote my go-to (I use Instapaper a lot.) because of its potential and features, but Instapaper's formatting beats Evernote hands down. All my articles are very well downloaded and easily read. Can anyone please help?
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