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  1. On 10/16/2018 at 11:37 PM, nicolml said:

    Free users can still display PDFs inline, so this doesn't sound right. Check the following: 

    1. Preferences > Clipper > By Default, view newly clipped PDFs and office documents: Inline

    2. Right click on an attached PDF > View Inline.  

    You are right. My mistake.  This problem only occurs in Evernote for iOS on my iPhone, not in Evernote for Mac?

    Don't suppose you know anything about fixing this problem in Evernote for iOS?



  2. Thank you for clarifying DTLow. I do owe you an apology. I must confess I was under the wrong perception that you were an employee of Evernote pretending to be a user based on your responses.  Subsequently, it has just occurred to me that I am also probably under the wrong perception that expressing some constructive feedback on my experiences of Evernote about this issue, will make any difference at all.

    It's a great feature that used to be available and Evernote has chosen to remove it without any explanation.  Obviously, there are a lot of users that like it, found it very helpful and would be very grateful if it was simply restored.

    Surely it is not that hard or expensive to return it, so I cannot understand why Evernote would want to ignore this but would genuinely like to understand?  I think it is poor customer service which Evernote would want to be aware of but If you think "Evernote is bad" because of this, then hopefully Evernote might pay some attention?

  3. Ok we get it, even though Evernote is “paying for these forums to obtain user feedback” your response indicates you’d rather not receive my feedback. 

    To be clear, we are not even asking Evernote to develop anything. Evernote already invested in the development of this feature when they introduced it some time ago. We are simply asking Evernote to restore a feature that was previously available - no development required. 

    Your response also reinforces to me that Evernote has wasted its time & money on this forum - only to ignore user feedback.  

    Your quote “One thing to remember: popularity does not mean implementation” is contradictory & confusing as the forum is based on a popular voting system creating a perception that popularity does in fact determine decisions. 

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