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  1. I resorting to manually pasting the changes into the web version of evernote, restarting desktop evernote, and then deleting any conflicting notes/duplicates from the notebook on the desktop version syncing between the web version and desktop version of evernote seems to be working now on my end, but how do I prevent this problem when another person (my progect partner in this case) is editing a notebook at the same time as me? I've never had these sync issues until I gave editing permission to someone else so I'm unsure what caused it and how to prevent it
  2. I gave a friend viewing and editing permissions on a notebook because we are trying to work on a project together. she is using the web version of evernote, and I am using the desktop version. at first, it seemed like her edits were overriding my previous ones, but then we came to realize my notes on my computer and what she can view in the browser are not syncing up two notes that she edited were placed in the "conflicting changes" tab on my end. I deleted them, but said project partner still can't see my changes to notes in her browser. when I log onto the web version of evernote, none of my changes made on my desktop app are reflected. the sync icon in my version of desktop evernote is continuously spinning, suggesting my changes aren't being synced, even when I manually use the sync shortcut I don't want to lose my work and I can't figure out how to allow us both to have matching syncs, as well as stopping whatever is blocking evernote on my desktop from syncing with the web version
  3. is there a way to link to a specific line or part of a note? I know how to make links to other notes, but I'm asking if it's possible to link to certain part of a note within the same note, so internal links I have a lot of notes that range to fairly to very short because there is not much to say on the topic, so combining these notes into a longer one would be easier for organization purposes, but this also means that the typical method of linking means that the links to these combined notes goes to the start, not the specific topic or section that I want to directly go to
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