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  1. I wanted to share how Evernote has helped go paperless in the Real Estate Industry. Whenever I start working with a new buyer, I create a Notebook for such client. I have my sale note/journal, but more importantly, I create a note for any property they are interested in viewing. I typically have two windows open, Evernote and the Local MLS website. Once they have selected a property to view, I copy and paste a new note under their Notebook. Whether they call/text me I always have my phone with me. I don't have to log in to the MLS. I always have a note of their selected property. I can a
  2. I think it's a great idea. I've been color coding certain folders on my Mac. When I open Finder, I can quickly go to the desired folder. It's not about just the few extra seconds I save, but it make my workflow better. I wish Evernote would also adopt this same idea and give you the option to color code.
  3. Hello, I love using Evernote, but I find myself adding more and more Notebooks. I think it would help tremendously if you could color code Notebooks. I use it 80% of the time for business. I try to stay organized, but I think this would help me navigate more quickly between notebooks.
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