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  1. Too funny, I found my notes! IN THE TRASH! Thanks Evernote! all I can say is WOW......... Can any one please let me know of a very simple basic note app I can use on my phone that will not disappear to Evernote HELL!! Thanks MUCH MUCH! John
  2. Hello, Very frustrated old guy here. I have an HTC one (m7 i think) I use my notes very very much on my phone, my notes on this phone ARE my memory! Last night my phone must of automatically upgraded to a newer operating sys. Now ALL my notes are gone! Also a prompt pops up saying I must use Evernote! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!! I do not want Evernote! All I want are my notes back & a very simple note app. I have 2 Evernote accts. I logged into both and none of my notes show up. (i have tried this app in the past, I HATE IT!) I also sync Evernote account i
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