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  1. It's a joke? "Erase iPhone" in Russian it reads that way. Reset all settings and content.
  2. Could you tell me if i would backup my iPhone could i find my lost notes in the Evernote notebook on iPhone?
  3. Hello, Matt W. There is just a few notes on the website, which i can see in app on my Android phone. The iPhone i've erased. Yes, i'm using the same email address to log into each of my devices. There is no one note in the trash notebook on any of my devices. Thank you for helping me.
  4. Hi, friends! Sorry for my English. Some time I used iphone but after switched to Android. At the time of changing phone, all the notes were in evernote and I have seen them on Android. Some time after I erased iphone, of evernote on android began to disappear notes. I lost very important notes. I have a basic account. Connected devices are only two - it's an old iphone and current Android. Does exist any possibility to recover the lost notes?
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