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  1. I'm a big Evernote fan, but I have one major critique and a request for the Evernote development team. The audio record function just plain sucks and it's below the standard of what I believe Evernote to be. I have two major issues with the functionality. Both should be super simple fixes that could be included in the next update: 1. Add functionality to the round red recording button to stop and save recording when pressed during a recording. Currently, if you hit the record button again (which is the universally accepted process to stop recording since I can remember) the recording is deleted. This is insanity. Just bad programming at it's worst. So far I've found no way to recover the recording. 2. Get rid of the "X" symbol as the defacto "stop and save recording" button (this symbol is universally accepted as "Delete" for as long I as I can remember). 3. Add a "failsafe" opt-in button if any symbol is hit say something like "Are you sure you want to (stop, delete, etc.) this recording... Yes / Cancel). Again a universally accepted programming process to save people from making a mistake. Currently, the save and delete functions are opposite universally accepted programming standards. I've now deleted several recordings since it's opposite the iPhone and most other digital recording devices, and very easy to get mixed up. I will stop using this function until it's fixed. Just not worth it. It would be a great feature if these changes were made.
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