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  1. @gazumped -- thanks for explaining how to get back to the old UI. It was exactly what I needed. Doing a screen print defeated the purpose of the form I had created in Evernote so I am very happy this option exists especially since I am a basic user and only use the web version to print. As a side note, I am getting tired of my favorite apps getting dumbed down just to achieve the minimalist look. I guess I'm getting old!
  2. @Enrico Nahler, I am not sure, but I think @McCollim may mean from Evernote Web. I logged into Evernote Web because I am using a new computer and don't have the app installed yet. I tried to print a note and there is absolutely no menu bar and no print icon to be found anywhere. I can't even get into my account profile. It's been a while since I logged into Evernote Web, but the functionality has definitely decreased since the last time I used it. It's incredibly frustrating, not to mention a complete and total waste of time.
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