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  1. I'm a Premium user (still in my first year of usage) and for the first time I need to urgently edit a PDF (annotate it with a date and signature) and the Mac software just gives me errors, saying it "cannot" save the file, and usually crashes while I try to annotate with text. I tried the same in my iPhone 6 and here it allows me to annotate, and then I save, but the document does NOT get saved. It just remains as is. I also want the text to NOT have a shadow - I manage to do this with a document last year, but I cannot see how to do it this time round. Evernote anyway currently crashes soon enough but I think I exhausted my options and cannot find a place to just use plain simple text (no shadows/highlights). With Premium, is there any way I can get email support? Or am I supposed to report problems here? Thank you.
  2. Hi, This is a very simple request - to have "find and replace" in Evernote for Mac. Is there such a feature? I tried finding it and couldn't. Then I noticed this post below. Was a feature ever developed?
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