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  1. They are not. With the second posting you quoted, I meant tongue-in cheek that at least the Evernote account itself requires a password to go along with the username. As in, considering how little data protection there is, at least you guys provide this totally ubiquitous feature. The Pin request, and for that matter - notebook locking, encryption, etc -> data protection still stand...
  2. Yeah, it's unfortunate that Evernote doesn't seem at all bothered with security - on pretty much all fronts (hey, at least a password is required to log in, and other trivial tidbits). In my mind, your argument is akin to saying "Why bother putting fire extinguishers in a building? Thousands of people go in and out of the building, and nobody uses it. I wouldn't be opposed to it - I just wouldn't use it if the feature were available. Sure, someone might use it, but most people won't." I believe that in order to be responsible with such a service (that has someone's whole life easily visible, potentially), security should come first, regardless of how many people ask for it. I understand that it's a philosophy thing, though, and possibly other interests at play, too. Wish there were a different service comparable to Evernote, but you guys are just too good at the things that you do well.
  3. So I have a use-case that I would like to throw in here, which would justify adding the extra layer of security: I use Evernote at work. On my work desktop. The IT at work have full control over our log-in password and even if I change it, they can easily reset it and log in. I would like to protect myself from that scenario. Furthermore - and this is another reason - because I use some heavy-duty programs that take 15 to 30 minutes to fully boot-up and load all the info from the cloud, I very rarely log out. No issue normally, but Evernote has my life pretty much laid out for anybody to very conveniently see. I do believe that a password/ pin on the desktop client would be worthwhile for many people - I cannot imagine it being difficult to implement, and it wouldn't annoy anybody if it was just an option. Gazumped, I don't know if you work for Evernote, but you seem to be very against this idea. If you can think of some solution to this issue, please let me know. That said, I believe the responsible thing would be to err on having too much security rather than letting stuff like this slip through cracks...
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