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  1. Hi and thanks all of you for your input. The problem has been resolved. What actually happened was that I could see the attachment in the list view only. When I opened a note, there was no file attached first, then after some time I could see the file in the note itself, but could not open it. I have WPS Office and Hancom Viewer, so there should be no problem. Then the issue somehow was resolved on its own. Now everything works fine. Another question is a bit off topic but still... When I tap the attachment to open it, I have only two options for .doc files to choose: WPS Office and HancomViewer. While other software like File Manager offers those and other apps to open it such as AlReader. Can I configure my Samsung Note 4 so that Evernote and other apps use only AlReader to open this type of attachments?
  2. I attached a word file to a note on a desktop. Now I can see on my mobile device that the note has a file attached, in the list view. But I can not open the attachment on mobile device by any program.... is that the way it should be? Then what's the use of this attachment? Or there is a way to open it somehow? Under desktop version you simply click the file and Word opens it.
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