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  1. Awesome thank you - I wasn't aware of that it showed there!! MUCH APPRICIATED and helpful to know! However, is there I way for me to control the size of the pictures I want to attach to a note from my iphone or iPad - since these uploads are the ones steeling all the MB? And I do not need the pic to be uploaded in full size - I don't need to print, just keep it all organized in Evernote instead of 3-4 different places Thank you so much for you help!
  2. Hi there, Can you please share some info on this - i just signed up for plus and run into my upload limit all the time it seems. I do upload (copy/paste) pictures form the internet into notes, and I know that can take up quite som MB, however I do find it difficult to figure out the exact size of a particular note befor the pop-up warning with the limit-reach shows up and then I can do nothing. Also, it is not that transparent to me how much space it take up when using Evernotes Clipper for instance - this may also be a source for reaching my limit REALLY fast even though I havn't s
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