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  1. Interesting. I wouldn't put it past myself. I'll check it out. Thank you! :-)
  2. Thank you. I just realized that I've ONLY been using the web page version on my desktop. And THAT's where the stuff isn't showing up. I will try your idea about revising the notes using my phone and see what that does. I will also install the Desktop APPLICATION, and let you know how that works out. Thank you again. Chuck
  3. Hello, Please forgive me in advance if I've selected the wrong forum for this question. :-) I'm experiencing something strange. I started using Evernote a few weeks ago--mostly to have access to certain files and links quickly on my android phone. These files are divided into two folders (I only have two), and I added MOST of them to Evernote by dragging them there on my desktop computer. But now, in the past week, when I go to the desktop, all I see is the most recent file (it's open) that I placed in there. It doesn't seem to make any difference what I do, if I try to change folders, or search for another file, nothing shows up on the desktop but that open recent file. When I look on my phone however, all the files are still there--I can access any of them on my phone just fine. Did I accidentally change some setting on my desktop? I feel like I have poked around and tried looking at every button and menu I can find to no avail. Any ideas?
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