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  1. I'm currently running on iphone and windows. but this function would be on the Windows client. after some review I see that this file is not the .dic file of old. I guess I would like to see that the file is carried between devices using the user account.
  2. I wasn't aware of this topic and had create one of my own. I voted this one up as well. I realize that some mat feel that formatting for notes isn't import but I use formatting as a form of metadata, allowing me to get more information from some verbiage than the words alone. This is an item that needs to be addressed but is not on a check list This item has been resolved but is not on a check list Being able to copy the formatting would be enormously helpful
  3. A lot of times I will create an extensive Spell Check Dictionary, so when I move from one device to another, it doesn't follow my account. Is it possible to tie my personal dictionary to my account rather to the device that I am using? If this is already a thing please forgive me, and please show me where this is configured. Thanks.
  4. I was hoping to see a Format Painter function as sometimes I use formatting with my notes to indicate different input types. A Format Painter would be really helpful.
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