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  1. I am running on Windows10. I love the new color style for tags, but to my eye I don't see a complete set of matching colors in the font color palate, so I have to "Define Custom Colors" in order to be able to set text in note to directly match one of the tag colors (so I can quickly scan the note and see by color the text that matches the tag). Am I missing something? I would have thought that any color that was used in the Tag palate would surely have been exactly matched by a color from the Font palate. Also, when I "Define Custom Colors" for my fonts to match Tag colors, I find those custom colors are not preserved across Windows reboots. I sleep my machine for days at a time, but ultimately I have to reboot for some reason (or windows just decides to reboot on me). When I restart Evernote, my Custom Colors have disappeared, and I spend the first few minutes redefining them by hand with RGB values. Again - seems such an obvious bug am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Fraser
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